Target Audience

Directed to instrumentalists, singers, undergraduate students, teachers interested in developing in this area, professional musicians and students of music in general. Courses are offered for beginning, intermediate, or advanced students.

“Exploring The Ultimate Piano Experience”

About the workshop:

The workshop presents how PianOrquestra explores the piano, transforming the instrument into its own orchestra, extracting different sonorities. It covers topics such as collective creation, Brazilian rhythms applied to the piano, new directions in music and art, technology as a powerful tool in the arts, multilingual and performance.

This workshop caters to musicians, non-musicians, music lovers, interested in multilinguals, integrated arts, performing arts, performance and technology.

Brazilian rhythms applied to the piano

Program content

  • The characteristics of various Brazilian rhythms and how to practice them: maracatu, choro, partido alto, afoxé, among others;
  • The panorama of the history of Brazilian music and its different styles;
  • The rhythmic pickups for piano at MPB;
  • How to work the accompaniment in the different styles of MPB;
  • Coordination and independence between right and left hand on the piano to develop the rhythmic levadas;
  • Proposal for the development of suingue and interpretive inflections in MPB in its various styles;
  • Applicability of different rhythmic levadas in piano trio formation;
  • Taken from schools of samba, maracatu and ciranda, with illustration in prepared piano, showing how the piano can be used as a percussion instrument with the recordings corresponding to the illustration;
  • To develop “pianistic intelligence” in the construction of the arrangements.

Improvisation practice in Brazilian Popular Music

Program Content

  • Improvisation techniques;
  • Chord to scale ratio;
  • “How to” techniques;
  • Importance of transcription of soils;
  • To explore applicability and compositional foundations on several Brazilian styles, such as: maracatu, high party, afoxé, among others;
  • Use and applicability of the minor melodic scale;
  • Carrying out practical work.

Ensamble Practice

Program content

  • Group performance in various formations (duo, trio, quartet);
  • Function of each instrument within the group;
  • Creation of group arrangements;
  • Notions of arrangement for rhythmic session, blows and strings.

Other Workshops

  • Directed improvisation for musicians from classic and instrumental formation;
  • Big Band arrangements.